How Is Your Money Secured And Protected?

Your money is important to LC&F and that is why we take every step to ensure that your investment is secure.

A strict due diligence process

  • LC&F conducts due diligence checks on borrowing companies to ensure that borrowers can meet their loan commitments and have sufficient security for the requested loan (maximum loan to value is 75%, i.e. for a loan of £75,000 a company would need to provide £100,000 of acceptable assets as security) and maintains a close relationship with its borrowers to ensure they can continue to meet their loan commitments. The directors believe that because of this approach, to date (as at 30/04/2017), none of its borrowers have defaulted on their loans.

LC&F has the right to recover any loan

  • If a borrowing company cannot repay the loan then LC&F has the legal right to sell the assets of the borrowing company which were provided as security.

Minimizing risk

  • Your investment with LC&F is in the entire loan book, rather than just one loan, this results in your risk being spread across all borrowing companies.

Charge over the assets of LC&F

  • LC&F has appointed an independent security trustee to hold a charge over LC&F (which includes the +£215m of assets secured against LC&F’s loan book), by way of a debenture. The Security Trustee has been given the power to act in the interest of all investors if LC&F were not able to meet its commitments. What this means for investors is that the Security Trustee is able to take control of the secured assets, via its charge, and sell them to repay investors.

Bond holder funds are secured by a charge over the assets of LC&F and all borrowing companies.

London Capital and Finance plc have appointed an independent Security Trustee who holds the security on behalf of the investor.


Fixed return of 8.0%, 6.5% and 3.9%
per annum.

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